Consignment Services at Travel Trailer Center

The RV lifestyle is having a huge comeback and more consumers are flocking to the freedom of the road! With RV ownership at an all-time high, RV’s are being bought, sold, traded, and even consigned – more than ever before! Whether it’s families seeking affordable way to vacation, or individuals wanting to enjoy a life outside the norm, the #RVlife has perks for everyone! An RV lifestyle can be achieved at almost any budget; it’s just knowing where to look!

Modern day-to-day life can make it hard to fully enjoy an RV lifestyle. At Travel Trailer Center, we offer consignment services when owners have decided to sell their pre-loved RV’s. Let us help you sell your RV! We do the work, and you get the cash! Whether it’s become a lifestyle you can no longer enjoy, or you’re looking to upgrade – don’t put yourself through the hassle of trying to sell your RV!

Benefits of Consignment with Travel Trailer Center:

  • Working with Travel Trailer Center will increase the amount of people that can see your RV.
  • We can work with you on commissions/fees and time frames.
  • We offer extra services to help sell your RV – ex. weatherization’s, and detailing.
  • Let us handle the advertising, inquiries, and showing your RV to potential buyers.

Stop in or Call Us today to discuss different options regarding consignment! We are located at 10320 Maple Ridge Road (Rt. 31) in Middleport, New York. We are conveniently located in Orleans County, near Niagara, Erie, Genesee.


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