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We are open year-round for your Recreational Vehicle needs! Don’t hesitate today to schedule inspections and repairs! Camping, Fair travelling, tearing up the backyard – we are here for it all! Let us do the work during the off-season, so you can hit the ground rolling in Spring 2022!

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*We do not currently offer service or parts on MARINE VEHICLES – EXCEPT FOR TRAILER HITCH ASSEMBLY & MAINTENANCE. we also offer service on boat trailers – tires, wheel bearings, etc. Call today for more information.

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Here at Travel Trailer Center in Western New York, we do installations of Reese receivers, Tekonsha brake controls, and electrical connectors for many types of trailers.

We service all the systems in an RV (except for the motorized portions of your Recreational Vehicle): electrical, plumbing, water, towing, LP gas, and brakes. If you have an accident, we do structural & metal repairs, too. We also fill LP gas tanks, do NYS inspections (trailers only), and offer outside storage for your Recreational Vehicle.

Travel Trailer Center in Middleport, New York is an authorized service center for major appliances such as Duotherm and Suburban furnaces, Norcold and Dometic refrigerators.





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NYS Dealer/Repair Shop license number 5320381


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IMPORTANT Dometic Refrigerator RECALL
Dometic Corporation is continually committed to maintaining a high level of satisfaction and excellence now and in the future. That is why Dometic is voluntarily recalling certain refrigerators that may have a potential safety defect. The recall effects Dometic two-door refrigerators manufactured between April 1997 and May 2003. The well-being of Dometic customers is of highest concern. A serious problem resulting in a fire may occur in an exceptionally small fraction of Dometic two-door refrigerators, but to address that potential risk, please contact Dometic immediately for more information. Call 1-888-446-5157 or visit their website at www.DometicUSA.com.
On September 1st, Jonathan, one of our service technicians, began working on a 5th wheel trailer. He quickly discovered a baby squirrel on his foot…then another, and another…apparently, there had been a nest in the 5th wheel. The squirrels started to venture out because they were hungry (presumably, the mother had been left behind in the customer’s yard…hadn’t traveled with the nest in the 5th wheel to TTCI). We began making phone calls to locate someone who could take the babies and care for them.One helpful person recommended giving the squirrels an apple that had been peeled and cored. We located the squirrels that we could, put them in a box and gave them the apple, which they loved. We connected with Bob of AWARE…Association for Wild Animal Rehabilitation and Education. Check them out at www.awarewildlife.com. We ended up locating 7 baby red squirrels. Bob from AWARE said they looked like they were almost ready to leave the nest, but because they had been away from their mom for 5 days, they looked dehydrated. We were glad to be able to find someone who could care for the babies until they can be released into the “wild” again. Happy Endings: Bob from AWARE let us know that all 7 red squirrels were recently released back into the wild, happy and healthy.